Freezing Rain Forecast For The Morning Commute

Some slick, slippery and icy conditions are being forecast by Environment Canada for Windsor-Essex.

A Special Weather Statement has been issued as the forecast is calling for rain to change to snow by midday as temperatures plummet with the passage of a cold front. There may also be a brief period of freezing rain during the changeover from rain to snow.

Warning Preparedness Meteorologist, Geoff Coulson says "there's a chance of freezing rain and ice pellets between 7am and 10am in Windsor-Essex. After that, we're going to be moving over to snow and picking up a few centimeters in the afternoon hours."

"The concern is going to be with all this moisture around is that we could be looking at puddles forming into icy patches as the day goes on," says Coulson. "So with that chance of freezing rain there's going to be icy patches. But even as they day goes on, areas that were just puddles and water could freeze up. So we could be looking at slippery conditions right through the afternoon hours and impacting the commute hours into the evening."

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