Frustrations Over Huron Church Rd. Construction

Construction along a section of Huron Church Rd. in Windsor is causing some traffic headaches and some frustrations for business owners in the area.

Work is now underway between Malden Rd. and Dorchester Rd., with traffic down to a single lane in each direction in the southbound lanes.

Fred's Farm Fresh is located on Huron Church Rd. between Northwood St. and Kenora St. Owner Fred Bouzide says roads around his business are clogged.

"They're going up Daytona to turn right on Northwood to get to Huron Church Rd. and then to turn left on Huron Church Rd.  The problem there, there's no advanced green light," he says.


Construction work on Huron Church Road near Malden, April 4, 2019 (by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

City of Windsor Engineer Mark Winterton knows the project will be a source of frustration and friction.

He says they've made some adjustments to the signals in that area, but are waiting for traffic to find a balance.

"We typically would not adjust our signal timings further until traffic normalizes," says Winterton. "We are monitoring it and we will adjust signal timings further as we, as it becomes more of a, we find that equilibrium."

He says some traffic signals on Huron Church have been removed completely during the project and the timing has been lengthened so more trucks get through.

But he also says there's only so much they can do in a situation like this.

"We understand that it's going to be difficult for particularly businesses around the Huron Church area.  We're working with them and we hope to obviously get this project done as possible," says Winterton.

Bouzide appreciates changes to allow the trucks to move through, but says issues on the side streets still need improvement.

Winterton says they will do work 24-hours-a-day during various stages of the construction to speed up the project, which is expected to be completed in early July.