Full Parole Hearing Ordered For Sex Offender Carl Leone

The Parole Board of Canada has ordered a full parole hearing for Windsor sex offender Carl Leone.

The 42-year-old Leone is currently serving an 18-year sentence on 15 counts of aggravated sexual assault for having sex with 15 women without telling them he was HIV positive.  Five of his victims contracted HIV.

He was granted day parole in June of last year where he has spent four days in the community and three days at a community residential facility.

While at the facility, he was referred to one-on-one counselling and his counsellor is recommending that full parole be granted with board-imposed restrictions.

According to the parole board's decision, Leone's counsellor states 'he is impressed with progress you [Leone] have made in addressing your past problem behaviour in therapy and that you have gained insight into your psychosocial functioning.'

The parole board points out that his full-parole eligibility date has long passed and his statutory release date is still nearly two years away.

A date has not been set for the full parole hearing.