Funding Approved For A New Catholic Central High School

For the first time in 80 years, downtown Windsor is getting a new catholic high school.

The province has announced $26-million for a new Catholic Central High School to be built on the location of the old Barn and Water World.

The current school on Tecumseh Road is old, cramped, there aren't any sports facilities and some classes are taught off school property.

It is hoped the new school will be built in time for the current Grade 9 or 10 students to graduate from the new location.

"You are what the world can be like," says School Board Director Paul Picard referring to the diversity in the school. "72 cultures, 72 countries, living together in harmony where does that happen, it happens here."

School Prime Minister Marven Sawa says it is amazing news especially for the younger students.  He pointed out that off-site classes are the source of great frustration for students because they have to cross the street on snowy days leading to slips and falls.

Picard says the new location is ideal for students because 70% of the students from the current building are within walking distance of the Water World site.

The plan is to tear down the Old Barn and build the new school attached to the Water World facility.

The new school will have room for 850 students.