Funding Approved For Phase Two of Trail System


Funding has been approved for the next phase of the County Wide Active Transportation Strategy in Lakeshore.

Essex County Council approved its share of the $1.3-million project Wednesday night. 

Rudaak Excavating Inc. has been awarded the tender to provide paved shoulders on both sides of the road and a multi-use trail along the south side of the roadway.

Lakeshore will be paying for 60 per cent of the work on County Rd. 2 with the county paying for the remainder under the program.

Deputy Mayor Tracey Bailey looks forward to seeing the next phase of the project underway.

"It's absolutely wonderful news for the municipality and fantastic news when it comes to active transportation in the community," she says.

Bailey says it's something residents have been waiting for.

"We're certainly connecting now, we're seeing that connection happen," she says. "The trail is a necessity in the community."

Bailey says the multi-use path will be put to good use by residents.

"We see a lot of walkers and people with bikes and strollers, so it's fantastic news," she added.

The project will extend 1.5-km from Wallace Line to Patillo Rd.

It's the second of three phases to transform County Road 2 under the CWATS program.

Bailey says work will get underway in the coming weeks.