VIDEO: Game Changer Investment to Stop Flooding in Windsor

Windsor has received some federal funding which is being called transformational and a game-changer when it comes to preventing basement flooding.

Ministry of Infrastructure and Communities Official Marco Mendicino has announced $32-million for improvements to pumping stations, roads, sewers and a storm water management facility. 

It will pay for 12 components of a $90-million plan for the Riverside and east Windsor areas, which have been hard hit twice with major flooding in 2016 and 2017 which affected thousand of residents.

The money will essentially help to pump out water faster, therefore preventing flooding or at a minimum, reducing the damage.

"Together, these initiatives will help protect over 56,000 residents, over 70 square kilometres which is the total area at greater exposure to flooding," says Mendicino.  "When completed, the project will reduce the number of residents who would be without essential services by 91% and the number of people affected by flooding by 75%."

Mayor Drew Dilkens calls the funding announcement "huge" for the city.

"The $32-million helps us fund 12 major components of this plan that will include improvements to this building-the St. Paul pumping station, the east marsh pumping station and helps us to add capacity," he says.

The work begins immediately and will continue for 8-10 years.

The money is not contingent on the outcome of the upcoming federal election.

In 2016, 4,000 homes were affected by flooding and in 2017, 6,600 homes were impacted.