Gas Prices in Windsor Among Lowest In Ontario

If you live in Windsor-Essex, now is the time to gas up your car or truck.

This area started Tuesday with the third lowest average gas prices in Ontario, with a litre of regular selling for around 94-cents. Just one year ago, December 4, 2017, a litre of regular was selling for an average $1.25 in this area.

Dan McTeague, Senior Petroleum Analyst with, says Windsor is definitely the place to be if you need to fill up your car.

"Gas stations are offering fuel for pretty much the price it costs them to buy it. I'm seeing a lot of 93, 94, 95-cents a litre. That's the wholesale price plus tax," he said.

But McTeague says you could see the low prices bounce back up by Wednesday or Thursday.

"There's a one-cent wholesale price increase Tuesday night and there is the likelihood of a two-cent increase coming for Thursday," he said. "So if you're seeing gas for below a buck, now might be a good time to  stock-up because it's going to get a little higher going forward."

He doesn't expect prices to get any better than this in the Windsor-area.

"These are the lowest prices we're going to see, this is the bottom," said McTeague. "So take advantage of it now because it's going to start going up slightly, not a lot, but between now and January 1st look for a net 10-cent a litre increase."

A litre of regular is selling today for an average of $1.02.7 in Ontario and $1.08 in Canada according to Gas

But McTeague stresses gas prices really fluctuate hour-by-hour across the country.