Getting Out Of The Cold

Windsor-Essex residents are looking to get out from the extreme cold.

Sarah Hupalo is the owner of Goligers Travel Plus on Howard Avenue near Edinborough Street.

She says it's been a busy time for the local travel agency since the beginning of December.

Hupalo says at first people wanted to get away for the holidays but now they just want to get away from the frigid temperature.

She says it's been a busy few weeks.

"We noticed the winter season started for us a lot sooner just because of the cold snap starting in December," says Hupalo.  "People are quite frustrated with being cold and they want to get out of here."   

The popular hot spots are areas like Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica.

"We have to make sure we're getting them to warm destinations because some of the areas in the south are getting some cold spells as well," says Hupalo.

Some islands are still rebuilding from last year's hurricanes.

"We've noticed a lot of the main destinations are getting busier because some of these islands being out of commission right now," says Hupalo.  "Some islands like Cuba have been doing a very incredible job of rebuilding very quickly so some of the areas that had been hit are in full repair."       

Hupalo says if you want to get away move quick as space is limited on some flights and some resorts.