Glengarry Renewal Initiative Partners with Local Artists

The Glengarry Neighbourhood Renewal Initiative held an evening of art, music and neighbours Friday night.

Ray Baillargeon, George Rizok, Patrick Firth, and several other up-and-coming artists have been offered wall space at The Core Gallery for the month of February.


Co-ordinator Tamara Kowalska says the monthly feature will help the artists and stimulate interaction at the initiatives office on Wyandotte St. E. near Moy Ave.

"If they sell their work they keep all the proceeds from those sales so hopefully that benefits some of our local artists, but it benefits us too," she says. "It also gives people a sense of ownership over the space."

She tells AM800 News contributors from throughout the area are welcome to come in and collaborate.

"We've got Begley [Public] School nearby so we're hoping for some partnerships to involve those young students as well. There's just so much potential, it's really limitless when you're talking about art and creating," says Kowalska. 

When the weather warms up, Kowalska hopes to bring more art into the neighbourhood.

"Similar to the Ford City Renewal Program, we would love to have public art in the alleys or murals. Those are our goals, to make the allies usable space where more creative things can happen," she added.

Kowalska says new artists will be invited to showcase their work every month - anyone interested in showcasing their art is invited to enquire at the indicatives office on Wyandotte St. E. near Moy Ave.