Go Produce Bringing Pop-Up Markets To Windsor

'Go Produce' delivers fresh local produce to residents throughout Essex County, but the Kingsville company will now bring a small produce market with a twist to several underserviced locations in Windsor.

It won't be your everyday produce stand, the pop-up micro-grocery stores will be made from refurbished shipping containers. The 20-ft by 8-ft structures have been approved for Downtown Windsor, Ford City, and Walkerville.

Company Marketing Specialist Amy Saba tells CTV Windsor News the innovative structure fits the theme of innovation 'Go Produce' stands for. "We started out as an online grocery store and we thought it's a shame that we didn't have an opportunity to showcase or give people a chance to see what our fresh produce is all about," she says."

More than 600 people use the online delivery service already, but Saba hopes the pop-up market will bring healthy options to the centre of the community. "We believe it will become a little bit of a hub where people can learn more about how to eat healthy and incorporate fresh food into their daily lives," says Saba.

She says it will also give Windsor residents a place where they can be sure they're buying local produce. "What separates Go Produce from other grocery stores is that we are the farmers, we're a network of more than 10 local farms," Saba says. "All the produce is coming fresh and you're getting it right from the source."

The company is gathering public input on where the first location will pop-up. Click here to vote.


With files from CTV Windsor's Stefanie Masotti