Google Software Developer Visits Windsor

A software developer from Google made a stop in Windsor.

Josh Gordon met with Data Analytics students from St. Clair College and the University of Windsor this week.

He talked about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Gordon has been with Google for five and a half years and focused his discussion on 'Tensor Flow'.

He says it's used by Google globally to train and run all of their own artificial intelligence.

"One of the best outcomes for TensorFlow were hoping down the road graduate students will use it in their research and as they're implementing papers, they also publish open source implementations and that makes it easier for the next student to re-use their ideas and iterate and refine," says Gordon.

He says machine learning has become very accessible.

"The thing that I care most about is making it accessible to people in health care," says Gordon.  "So for instance if I go to a doctor for a diagnosis or a family member does I'd like their decisions to be as data driven as possible so just giving them the most excess to as much information as possible."     

Gordon says he has enjoyed his time in Windsor.

"Had a great time coming to Canada recently so I had a friend give a workshop in Montreal two weeks ago," says Gordon.  "I've never been to Windsor so its great to be here and it's always great to talk to students and developers."

Gordon joked Google is a wonderful company to work for as it's a job with free food and nice people.