Government Education Critic Slams Cell Phone Ban

A vocal critic of the Ontario PCs education strategies is dismissing the announcement of a cell phone ban in schools.

Dr. Charles Pascal told AM800 listeners on the Morning Drive the ban is almost meaningless.

The Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto doubts the ban is enforceable.

He says he's an evidence-based person and he doesn't think there is much on this.

"I just don't know if there's enough evidence and I'd like to see some more research on how distracting it really is."

Pascal says smart phones can actually be tools for education.

"I would like to see more use of the cell phone as an interactive tool as part of what the teachers do with students, so you know, good teaching is adapting to the individual differences of the learner."

He says other places have tried and failed with this idea.

"The ability for this to be actually implemented has been shown by other jurisdictions, including New York City that had a full ban and then they reversed it recently because you can't really enforce it.  And finally this is the dirty little secret, what they've announced is already in play."

Dr. Pascal says this is primarily a kick at "bumper sticker communication" and is little more than a tempest in a teapot.