Grand Prix Hoping To Return To Belle Isle

The Detroit Grand Prix will make a presentation on Friday to continue to have races on Belle Isle. 

The Grand Prix organizers will make a presentation to the Belle Isle Park Advisory Committee and plans to submit a formal extension proposal to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

The agreement to host the event on Belle Isle extended through this year's race in June.

As part of process for considering a renewal the Grand Prix listened to feedback from the public and several key changes to the event were implemented over the last few years.

The Grand Prix has made over $13 million in improvements on the island since it returned in 2007 and it continues to make enhancements every year.

The event also helps the local economy with the most recent independent study done in 2017 showing that the Grand Prix generated over $58 million in total spending locally.

Race chairman, Bud Denker says the event raises a great deal of money for various improvements to the Belle Isle community.

Denker says the Island receives many great benefits from hosting the race.

" All these pieces are the benefactors of having the event on Belle Isle, and of course the big winner is Belle Isle, because of over 13 million dollars of investment we've made to the Island since 2007.  All plus, plus, plus factors of having the event there."

The race also showcases the island and the Detroit and Windsor waterfronts to the world through national and international TV and media coverage.

The mission of the Grand Prix since it returned in 2007 has been to give back to Belle Isle.

The Grand Prix is a non-profit organization and its goal is not to make money on the event - it's held annually to showcase and benefit the island.