GRAPHIC: Youths Face Charges Following Vicious Assault On Windsor Teen

Two Windsor teens are now facing charges following a vicious assault on another teen.

As AM800 news first reported Friday morning,  14-year-old Jayden Trudell, a student from Herman high school, suffered a fractured skull in the incident.

Police were called Wednesday around 11:20am to a parking lot and alley on Rossini Boulevard.

The victim and his cousin were walking through an alley when they were approached from behind by a group of teens.

One of the suspects accused the victim of making derogatory remarks and assaulted the victim, knocking him to the ground where a fight ensued.

Through the investigation, police learned the identity of the suspects.  

The suspects were contacted and attended police headquarters where they were placed under arrest and face charges of aggravated assault and assault.

The suspects and victims are known to each other.

The suspects are youths and can't be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.


Jayden Trudell, 14, suffered a fractured skull after an assault September 12, 2018 (Courtesy of Kelley Jade Facebook)

The victim's grandfather tells AM800 News that Jayden is recovering in a London hospital.

"As of right now the bleeding in his brain is stopped, he has a fractured skull which they say will heal in four to six weeks," says Kevin Trudell. "His hearing is still impaired in the one ear, they think it will come back but that gets tested in four to six weeks, but it is just the pain, he is in severe headaches, he can't the light, they have him on morphine to try and help him cope with the pain."

Trudell says his grandson was sucker punched, picked up and slammed into the cement head first.

He adds this behaviour has to stop and the parents of the accused must shoulder some of the responsibility.

"Something has to be done, whether the schools have to step it up or the board of education has to step it up, when do the courts have to start stepping it up," he says. "You can't be slapping these kids on the wrist, letting them get away with this stuff, my grandson could just as easily be dead as he is alive today."


Trudell says his grandson is a boxer but didn't want to fight.

"He refused to fight and you see in the video [circulating on social media], he is walking away and the bigger boy sucker punches him, quite hard and then during the video you can see where he picks him up over his head and slams him down into the cement head first, knocking my grandson out, and the bigger gentleman proceeds to climb on top of him and start punching him and another boy starts kicking him."

He adds that students should not be afraid to go to high school.

Greater Essex County District School Board Spokesperson Scott Scantlebury says the board is conducting a school investigation on the incident which he notes did not happen on school property.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money to help in his recovery and the family.