Grassroots Effort To Spruce Up Downtown Homes Needs Some Help

The Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative is looking for some more financial help.

It launched a new program called 'Little Things Matter' to help people renovate the exterior of their homes downtown.

The program has raised just under 50% of its $20,000 budget to do 20 projects this summer.

Volunteer Co-ordinator Emily Schurter says so far 10 projects have been approved.

"Most of the projects so far are people wanting to repair their porch stairs or repainting a porch or redoing a fence," she says. "These things may seem like little things but they are going to have a big impact, not only on the individual but also on the community."

She says the program applies for people living in the downtown care and it is not based on anyone's income although 45% of households in the downtown are low income.

"A lot of people living downtown are living with low income and a lot of the housing stock is quite a bit older so it does cost more to maintain."

So far, $8,400 has been collected.

The program applies to people living from Howard to Caron and from Giles to the river.

Anyone looking to help or who needs help can email