Great Canadian Flag Expected To Fly In Late May

Progress is being made at the foot of Ouellette Avenue.

Construction for the Great Canadian Flag project is well underway.

Chair Peter Hrastovec says the foundation has been poured and some work on the base has been done.

He says up next is the arrival of the 150-foot flag pole that is expected to arrive in the city within the next two week.

Hrastovec says the giant 60 feet by 30 feet Canadian flag has arrived.

"The flag is in storage right now.  I've seen it, we haven't unfurled it because we can't let it touch the ground.  It's quite massive, it weighs 60 pounds and it's going to take about 20 people to handle it and get it up the pole but it's going to be a thing of beauty, I can guarantee you that," says Hrastovec.      

Hrastovec says the goal is to raise the flag during the city's 125th birthday celebration on Saturday May 20th.

The cost of the project is $355,000.