Great Lakes Mayors' Group Endorses Plan to Fight Asian Carp

A group representing mayors of cities in the Great Lakes region wants to take measures to prevent Asian carp from invading Lake Michigan.

The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Cities Initiative has endorsed a $778 million plan developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which recently sent the proposal to U.S. Congress.

It calls for installing technologies such as underwater noisemakers, electric barriers and "bubble curtains"' at the Brandon Rd. Lock and Dam near Joliet, Illinois, about 64-kilometres from Lake Michigan.

The carp are voracious eaters and could change the eco-system of the lakes, impacting the commercial  and spot fishing industries.

The structure is a crucial line of defence between the lake and the carp-infested Illinois River.

Michelle Morin-Doyle, chairwoman of the cities group and deputy mayor of Quebec City in Canada, says people created the Asian carp problem and are responsible for solving it.


With files from MetroSource