Gretzky Concerned With Sale Of Former Windsor Jail

Windsor-West MPP Lisa Gretzky is looking for the public's help.

Gretzky has started a petition calling on the provincial government to make sure whoever buys the former Windsor jail meets with the community before the deal is finalized.

She says it's important for the potential the buyer to share its plans for the site with the community.

As heard on AM800 news last week, the province has listed the former Windsor jail for $1.

Gretzky says she has heard from many residents.

"Community members are rightly concerned that a private buyer might purchase the property without any intention of repairing or maintaining the integrity of the building," says Gretzky.  "There is also concern regarding the Mackenzie Hall parking lot which is included in the sale of the old jail."

She believes her request will not scare off potential buyers.

"What the community needs is a buyer who is willing to partner with them," says Gretzky.  "That's what we look for and I'm sure there are people out there willing to do that."    

Gretzky says the petition is being circulated around the community.

She says it can also be found at his office on Tecumseh Rd E near McDougall St.

Gretzky plans to present her petition next week at Queen's Park.