Gretzky Feels Frontline Staff Bleeding Needs To Stop

Windsor West MPP Lisa Gretzky is pleased to see Windsor-Essex is receiving funding for a new hospital.

However, she also wants to make sure the province can afford the hospital without losing anymore frontline staff. Gretzky says there needs to be funding in place for both.

"We certainly can't afford to lose anymore of our frontline staff, our nurses; so we need to make sure that there's funding in place for that and we're going to continue to push the government to do that however based on this budget and how close we are to an election — it doesn't look like the Liberals are going to provide that relief," says Gretzky.

While she's all for the project, Gretzky feels there needs to be a push to have local workers tasked with building the hospital.

"We just need to make sure that a when that hospital is built, when shovel goes in ground that they're using local workers on the project that they're not looking outside of our province or our country are we saw on the [Rt. Hon.] Herb Gray Parkway," says Gretzky.

Gretzky also pointed out the new Liberal budget includes a lot of "re-announcements" and describes it as an "election" budget.