Greyhound Mauled by Another Dog Dies

A dog that was attacked by another dog in downtown Windsor has passed away.

Joe McParland was walking his 10-year-old greyhound Vici and her 5-year-old sister Tessie on Ouellette Ave. near Ellis St. Friday night when she was mauled by what looked like a mixed-breed pitbull.

Vici had surgery and was making progress but things took a turn for the worse.

Vici had a cardiac arrest. CPR was done to try and resuscitate her, but she passed away.

"The vet called me and she was in tears," says McParland.  "She said she went into cardiac arrest and it raises some questions for me because the greyhound, of all dogs, has one of the most robust hearts."

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, McParland says he is heartbroken.

"When I saw her yesterday, it was just so pathetic and I spent about an hour just lying on the floor with her and just rubbing her stomach and her back and she was responsive but she just wasn't herself."

McParland says the attack left Vici with some severe injuries.

"She was having problems regurgitating, couldn't keep food down. The next thing was they were going to put a feed tube up her nose or through her throat and it was just brutal seeing that."

McParland says the attack has left him with some serious questions because the attacking dog had a history of dog bites and belonged to a person with no-fixed address.

He wonders how someone could have access to that type of dog.