Group Wants Mega Hospital Location To Be Decided After Municipal Election

A group of residents fighting against the proposed location of the new mega hospital project wants an upcoming decision by Windsor City Council deferred.

CAMPP, Citizens for an Accountable Mega-hospital Planning Process, has presented a 50 page report to city hall which it says validates its concerns that the location on County Rd. 42 and the 9th Concession will not address the needs of the future population of the city.

City council is scheduled to vote on Monday, August 13 on a zoning application.

The group wants a new hospital closer to the city core, preferably north of the EC Row Expressway, east of Huron Church Rd. and west of Lauzon.

It also wants the decision deferred until after the municipal election and for the city to come up with proper 'demographic facts.'

CAMPP member Mary Jacko says Windsor deserves a hospital close to its core.

"Metropolitan hospital should continue to stay open, it serves a vital necessity to the people of that core," she says.

Hospital officials have argued the two hospitals in Windsor are old and outdated.

"Oh come on, older infrastructures have been revamped," says Jacko claiming if there is money for a hospital out on County Rd 42, then there is money to save city hospitals.

CAMPP member Caroline Taylor says the new location will put some people at risk.

"When people become elderly, and vulnerable, they tend to move back to the city where the amenities are and the suggestion now is to move the most important amenity out to the farm field," she says.

If the decision doesn't go its way, the group says it is prepared to appeal.