Habitat Executive Director to Build Home in Kenya


The executive director of Habitat for Humanity is travelling 12,486 kilometres to build a home.

Fiona Coughlin left Windsor on Thursday to fly to Kenya, to a small town outside of Nairobi to build a home in a week.

She is part of a group of ten people with Habitat for Humanity Canada to make the trek.

Coughlin says it's about self growth and thinking outside of the box.

"This is a great learning experience for me to go and see what is happening in other countries to get hands-on, to look at how we are using resources in Canada and how they are using resources in Kenya and how we can learn from each other," says Coughlin.

Coughlin tells AM800 News she will be learning about how Kenyians use their resources.

"One of the things that is happening in Kenya, they are doing great work using stablized soil blocks for bricks instead of traditional bricks which has a minimal environmental impact," says Coughlin.

Coughlin says it's a great learning experience.

"I think it is important to take these experiences and see how you can think differently about the environment you are currently in. How we use our resources, how we can reuse our resources, these are things we can learn from so it is not like I'm going to specifically come back and start building soil bricks."

Coughlin points out there is a $2 million house deficit in Kenya.

She returns home July 17th.