Habitat For Humanity Bouncing Back After Tough September

Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex is feeling thankful.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Executive Director Fioana Coughlin sent out a tweet thanking the community after a tough month of September.

As heard on AM800 news last month, Habitat's build trailer on Devon Dr. was broken into and $20,000 worth of tools were stolen.

The group's large cargo truck was also taken after a second incident three days after but has since been recovered.

However it was stripped down with even the radio missing and was not drivable. 

Coughlin says since the break-ins, Habitat has received $25,000 in donations and the money will be used to replace the stolen tools.

"It means the world because you feel very alone when someone sort of attacks what you believe in and attacks what you're trying to do in the world," says Coughlin.  "It's not just our little group that's doing this, there's so many people that want to change the world, want to do something good."


Photo courtesy of Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex

She adds the support from the community has been overwhelming.

"To have the whole community rally around us when all the chips were down and help us pull it together that's what we're thankful for," says Coughlin.

Coughlin also pointed out the power of social media.

She says Habitat's story was shared more than 9000 times.