Hack-A-Thon Attracting Hundreds

Windsor's youth are gearing up to hack the weekend away.

Vincent Massey Secondary School is holding its third annual Hack-A-Thon. The event is expected to attract nearly 300 students and will see teams compete to create an electronic device that can be used to help people.

Students will be locked in the school overnight and will have 24 hours to complete their devices.

Event organizer Jerry Chen says the event has generated some unique creations in the past. 

"The hacking we do is more of 'white hacking,'" says Chen. "We create programs that help others. One year we created a remote arm bracelet that controls a car, this other year these kids created a keyboard specially designed for people with one hand."

He says the event will feature free food, drinks and will even have a sleeping area. 

"Some people choose to go hardcore and hack all night with no sleep. Other times we have sleeping quarters so if you have to take a break you just bring  sleeping bag, we have some mattresses and you can lie down and take a nap until you are good to go and then you can hack in the morning or just keep on hacking after," says Chen.

Registration starts at 11am and while the hacking begins at 1pm and will officially finish at 1pm on Sunday.