Hamilton Paramedic Charges Concerns Local EMS

A Hamilton case where two paramedics have been charged criminally is being watched closely by Essex Windsor EMS.

It relates to a shooting in December where a 19-year-old Good Samaritan stepped in to stop a fight and ended up being shot.

Witnesses claim the paramedics did not respond quickly enough and told the victim he was embellishing his wounds.

Essex Windsor EMS Chief Bruce Krauter says in his career he's never seen anyone charged this way for actions on the job.


Essex-Windsor EMS Chief Bruce Krauter speaks at paramedic commencement ceremony. (Photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

Krauter says paramedics are well aware of this kind of scenario and how to respond.

"It is covered under training and under policies and procedures and standards and best practice, where where a paramedic assesses a patient they're to err on the side of treatment and transport, meaning transport a patient to hospital no matter what the injury or what the illness is and they're to assess and give that information to the receiving medical facility"

He adds there are incidents where paramedics are held back from a patient in a police action.

"It's called staging where we stand back and wait for the police to deem that it's safe, because that's the police role it to ensure the safety of the scene and once we're deemed that we can go in, we'll go in and treat the patient as I stated before, with the whole premise of assuming that the patient is ill or injured and that they need medical care and we are to treat and transport"

Krauter says even though it's outside the immediate area, he'll follow the case closely.

Yosif Al-Hasnawi was fatally shot after he tried to help an older man who was being accosted by two men outside his mosque.  

Those two men have been charged, and an investigation was later launched into how arriving paramedics handled the incident.