Happy 153rd Birthday To Jack Miner

It's not everyday that a local organization marks a 153rd birthday, but that's what is happening at the Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary in Kingsville today.

April 10th marks the 153rd birthday for Canada's first conservationist.

71 years ago, the Canadian government declared the week of Jack Miner's birth (April 10, 1865), National Wildlife Week, to honour Miner's contribution to the Canadian conservation movement.

Sanctuary Community Engagement Co-ordinator Krystle Delben says his work continues today.

"We like to celebrate this week, it was established to commemorate his work in conservation so today we are celebrating with cupcakes."

Delben says there is still lots to see at the sanctuary at 360 Road 3 West in Kingsville.

"We have the historic house and museum here so the house is actually Jack's house that he built back in 1918 and him and his family lived here and it was passed on throughout the generations."

At the sanctuary today remains the house that Jack built in 1918, plus the pond area to feed the birds and over five kilometres of trails.