Harrow High Tour Impresses Councillors

Essex Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche has a positive impression following a tour of the former Harrow high school.

Meloche was part of a group of 20 people that toured the old school on Wednesday.

The group also included a representative from the Ministry of Education.

The town has formally expressed an interest in buying the building from the Greater Essex County District School Board, with an eye to converting it into a community hub.

Meloche says there was more space than expected. "I think a number of us were quite impressed with the space that's available at the school — you know it's a large school, but really didn't have a full understanding of the shop classes and wood working classes with higher ceilings. There were a lot of individuals that could see potential."

Meloche says there's a piece of land near the school, owned by the school board, that's right in between the town's baseball diamonds and arena. "We're potentially looking to at least get that piece of property so that we can continue to have our two recreational pieces of property connected."

The old high school closed in June 2016.

It opened in 1904.