Hatfield Doubles Nearest Opponent, Winning For A Third Time

Windsor Tecumseh New Democrat MPP Percy Hatfield has swept back into his seat.

Hatfield was declared the winner shortly after polls closed at 9pm and ended up with 25,221 votes.

Hatfield won a byelection in the riding in August 2013 and has held the seat ever since.

The married father of two is a former broadcaster and Windsor city councillor who most recently was the NDP's critic for housing and municipal affairs.

Conservative Mohammed Latif came second with 11.675 and Liberal Remy Boulbol third at 3513 with the Green Party's Henry Oulevey at 1907.

Hatfield says he had hoped the NDP would have done better.

"This is a fantastic evening for our region but I'm a little disappointed at the provincial results. I don't know what lies ahead with a Ford majority but we'll do our best down here to make sure he doesn't forget this part of the province that's for sure."

He says it's humbling to have received the votes he did.

"I'm feeling great I really am, I'm on top of the world to get this kind of support and this kind of a turnout this kind of a result I think it's great for myself and this riding, you won't believe it but I'm humbled."

Hatfield makes fun of some Ford promises, but welcomes another.

"He was going to lower your gas prices by 12 cents he was going to do so many things that we haven't seen how he's going to pay for it all, but I would be really disappointed along with you if he doesn't get me beer for a dollar.  Because I'm about to make my way to the bar now and I'm going to be paying more than a dollar for a beer."

The Liberals and PC Party finished well behind Percy Hatfield in the 2014 election where the NDP garnered 62% of the vote.


Windsor Tecumseh
Mohammed Latif (PC) - 11,675 (27.0%)
Henry Oulevey (Green) - 1,907 (4.4%)    
Remy Boulbol (Liberal) - 3,513 (8.1%)
INC - Percy Hatfield (NDP) - RE-ELECTED 25,221 (58.4%)
Laura Chesnik (Independent) - 863 (2.0%)

Polls Reporting - 72/72
Voter Turnout - 48.2%
Votes - 43,179/89,509