Health Minister Will Provide Necessary Funding For Mega Hospital

In addition to formally announcing the process to build a new acute-care hospital in Windsor is a go, Health Minister Eric Hoskins has committed funding.

He would not detail specific dollar amounts, but insists the necessary resources will be there.

Speaking with reporters following the formal announcement, Hoskins also confirmed the commitment to a downtown Urgent Care Centre. Hoskins says residents in the core area will not be forgotten.

"Maintaining health services, those necessary health services that are accessible to those that reside in the downtown core and there are many downtown facilities that exist here in Windsor so we're looking at how they might be re-purposed or how we can ensure the necessary services are provided," says Hoskins.

The provincial health minister stresses, whatever funds are needed for the process will be made available.

"We will invest as a government the necessary resources to build what is required, so some of that we know and some is still to be determined," says Hoskins. "To get from this where you have detailed plans can be a very costly exercise, but we're prepared."

Hoskins says the Urgent Care site will either be the existing Ouellette Campus of Windsor Regional Hospital or the former Grace site, but will not commit to which one.

Hoskins made it clear his involvement will be from a distance mostly. He says the local decision makers who got the process to this stage will be the one who will be "hands on" to develop the detailed plans.