Health Unit Asking Parents To Brush Up On The Facts

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is pushing parents to take an active role in keeping their kids' teeth healthy.

April is Oral Health Month and the local health unit is launching the 'Brush Up On The Facts' campaign.

Health Promotion Specialist Shannen Janisse says, the goal is to remind parents about the simple ways to prevent tooth decay, like limiting sugary foods, helping with brushing and flossing and visiting a dentist at least once a year. "We want to make sure that caregivers are brushing their children's teeth two times a day, morning and night, the night being most important. We're wanting to make sure that kids are spending two minutes brushing each time."

Janisse says seeing a dentist regularly can help identify any problems early. "We still want parents to reach out to their dental community starting from infancy, six months after they've got their first tooth, but at least by their first birthday. Then after that we do want to make sure that parents are keeping up with those dental appointments."

"It's the small changes everyday that helps to prevent tooth decay, pain and discomfort. So as long as we're keeping an eye on it, establishing these positive oral health habits early we're more likely to prevent tooth decay and any pain and discomfort that's associated with it."

Janisse adds, if access to dental care is a problem for parents, there are a number of free dental programs and services available through the health unit for kids under 17.

Click here to find out if your child qualifies or call the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.