Health Unit Looks To Expand (VIDEO)

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is getting a facelift.

Colliers Project Leaders is under contract to explore whether to renovate the current Ouellette Ave. location, purchase or lease an existing building, or build a new facility. 

The plan is in its early stages and health unit president and CEO Dr. Gary Kirk says it's going to be eight to nine months before the health unit has enough information to make a decision.

"This is the due diligence phase when we look at our needs, more specifically, what the community's needs are as well as our staff needs," says Kirk. "Then make the best fit on the bases of that and what we can work with the province and our municipalities to afford."

The health unit has outgrown its current facilities and if things continue to progress it will need to expand, according to Kirk.

"There's not much more space in this building," he says. "This is a look to the future with the belief and the hope that we should and will grow to where we should be compared to other health units in the province."

While Kirk isn't certain which option will be best moving forward, he tells AM800 News the health unit knows what it needs.

"We want to be accessible to our population, that would be key," Kirk says. "Enough space that there's adequate parking for folks who would access our services, as well as our staff. Those would be the primary considerations in terms of location."

Kirk expects the consultation will cost close to $130,000.