Health Unit Takes the Fight Out of Food

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit wants to take the fight out of food. That's been the theme for March's nutrition month. But the Take Charge nutrition awareness program isn't a one shot deal.

Project manager Eric Nadalin want's to keep the momentum going.

"This is something that goes on year round and it's something we look forward to reach out to new environments," says Nadalin.

Nutritionist Heather Nadon wants to clear up confusion on what you should be eating. Competitions like last week's Sliced cooking cook-off help get the word out. She says more can be done.

"Half of Canadians get their information from the Internet when they're looking for information on food and nutrition," says Nadon. "We know a lot of that isn't accurate, so what this year's theme does is it encourages Canadians to seek the right information."

Incentives have been a part of plan. One way public nutritionist Mariel Munoz says helps steer kids in the right direction.

"We also had a loyalty program, anytime you buy a take charge option it gets hole punched," says Munoz. "Once you get to eight options you can exchange the loyalty card for a free take charge tumbler, promotes the consumption of water."

Take Charge is currently being promoted in day camps and recreation centres throughout Windsor-Essex. The program was created in 2015.