Health Unit Wants To Answer Your Questions About Pot

With marijuana legalization just around the corner, the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is looking to clear the smoke.

The health unit has officially kicked off its "Cannabis – Your Questions, Answered" campaign.

The goal is to share factual information and gives people a place to go to answer any questions they're confused about.

"Our campaign is about telling you facts about things like what are the effects of cannabis on your mind and body and the ability to drive?" says Health Promotion Specialist Melissa Valentik. "What are specific risks that are higher for youth and young adults under 25 and pregnant and breastfeeding women? Who should avoid cannabis? Lots of great info on the website."

Valentik says they're hoping to dispel the many myths connected to smoking pot.

"One of the biggest myths is that non-medical cannabis is safe because it's a natural plant. But we do know natural doesn't always mean safe. Some plants aren't good for us and can cause chemical changes to our body. Think about things like poison ivy, or even tobacco, are some examples of plants that are actually harmful to us.?

She says it's important to understand, just like alcohol and tobacco, legal doesn't always mean safe.

"People think it's safe to use while driving or that it makes you a better driver. In reality, cannabis doubles your risk of a crash because it slows your reaction time and makes it really hard to focus on what you're doing, multiple things at once. So definitely, that myth is busted.

Marijuana becomes legal October 17, marking the end of 90 years of prohibition.