Health Unit Wants to Negotiate With Striking Nurses

The strike by 86 public health nurses in Windsor-Essex is now entering its ninth week, and negotiations may resume next week. 

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has accepted a meeting request from a mediator appointed by the province.

Now it's up to the Ontario Nurses Association to respond. 

The union represents the nurse practitioners, registered practical nurses and public health nurses who have been on strike since March 8. 

The nurses have rejected three offers - the initial offer before the strike a tentative agreement reached on April 3 and another offer from April 10. 

The nurses are seeking more than a 1 per cent raise offered by the health unit. 

The union says the nurses deserve a wage increase comparible to their male counterparts in emergency services. 

While some clinics have been put on hold due the work stoppage, the health unit says they will resume once the strike ends.

Until then, the health unit is referring residents to their local health care provider if they need immediate help with immunizations and vaccinations.

A complete list of programs that have been disrupted by the strike can be found on the health unit's website.