Heat Wave Impacting Local Homeless Shelter

It's been a busy few days at Street Help in Windsor.

Administrator Christine Wilson-Furlonger says more and more people have been using the homeless shelter to get out of the heat.

"They really need the cool, the air conditioning to sit in," says Wilson-Furlonger. "We're also giving out bottled water of course.  We've been fortunate that some of our friends of Street Help are bringing us cases of water so we've been able to give that out."

The centre on Wyandotte St. E. at Langlois is open from 9am to 6pm. 

"Right now we're not keeping our doors open extra hours because I just don't have the volunteers to do it right now," says Wilson-Furlonger. "As part of the heat wave, a lot of people have been unable to leave their homes and come out and help us out.  So I have a steady few really strong people that have been keeping the program operating at normal hours."

Wilson-Furlonger says the air conditioning units are trying to keep up. "Our newer air conditioning on the newer side of the building, which is now all our storage area and offices, that area is nice and cool," she says, "The one in our dining room and soup kitchen, we're knowing we're going to have to be replacing that unit.  We're thinking pretty soon.  It's keeping it survivable in there but it's not really getting it nice and cold like we'd like."

Wilson-Furlonger hopes to replace the aging air conditioning unit later this summer at an estimated cost of $7,000 to $11,000.