Heated Confrontation Outside Of A Windsor Pet Shop

A heated protest outside of a Windsor pet shop Sunday.

A group of residents held signs outside of the Pet Depot on Walker Rd. to raise awareness of what they allege is animal mistreatment inside the shop.

They are also calling for stricter animal welfare laws.

When one of the owner's sons arrived at the family-owned business, he confronted the protesters in a heated exchange which was caught on video and posted on Facebook.

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, protester Emily Regier says the video speaks volumes.

"I wanted to get the video out to make people more aware of the kind of people who are running that store and if they treat human beings like that, then we wanted to get the word out of how would they treat their animals," says Regier.

Cory Drouillard--another son of the owner, says customers were asking questions about the protest and the accusations which are false.

"We have a lot of customers coming into the store wondering what is going on with these people out there," he says. "These signs saying we hurt animals, we abuse them which is totally unfair. We have been doing this since 1970, my dad as a family business.  My dad is there 7 days a week."

Drouillard says the protesters have been there three times before.

Regier says she does expect to protest again in the future.