High Marks for the Small Business Climate in Leamington

High marks for Leamington in a report looking at the small business climate in communities across Canada.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has released its' 10th annual 'Entrepreneurial Communities' report.

The CFIB examined 125 communities against 13 key indicators --- including the number of self-employed people per capita, optimism, growth plans and local tax policies --- to develop an overall score.

Leamington scored 26th out of 125, receiving the highest score in the Entrepreneurial Perspective category, which ranked optimism within the small business community.

Windsor placed 87th on the overall list.

CFIB Vice-President and Chief Economist, Ted Mallett says Windsor has good 'all around scores' but received a low score in the area of presence, which measures the number of self-employed people per capita.

Mallett also believes there's an opportunity for Windsor to make improvements on the policy side. He says right now in Windsor, commercial property taxes are around two times higher than residential property taxes, versus Leamington, where the rate is almost one-to-one.

He says Leamington received the top ranking in one category.

"The perspective side, this is the business optimism side of things, scored very, very well. In fact, we think it was the top scoring community in terms of optimism out there. That's a tribute to the fortitude to people operating businesses there." he says.

The CFIB report does state that Canada's largest urban communities tended to rank somewhat farther down the list because their small businesses may face more competition and higher costs.