High Praise For The Windsor Fire Dept. After A Fire Downtown

A downtown Windsor business owner is offering his thanks to Windsor Fire & Rescue Services following a large fire in the city core.

Firefighters were called to 'Ray and Kim's Variety' and the neighbouring cigar shop, 'La Casa del Habano', at about 3pm Wednesday to find thick smoke pouring out.


Firefighters attack a fire in an alley in the 300-block of Ouellette Ave. in Windsor on June 14, 2017 (Photo by Imad Najjar)

Imad Najjar owns 'Mazaar Lebanese Cuisine' on Ouellette Ave, just a few doors down from the scene of the fire.

Najjar says Windsor Fire did a great job containing the blaze from spreading to other nearby businesses. "It could have been a lot of smoke damage or fire damage that could have been gone, could have taken months to fix. Fortunately no one was injured so now we look at the business side of it. Thankfully it was very limited to whatever it was."

"The most important thing is when you see something like that is the safety of the people that you know, your neighbours, your customers, your staff, yourself," says Najjar. "The fire department guys did a great job.  I took videos and pictures of them fighting the fire, like the heart they have, these people are angels. They saved the day. The saved the block downtown."

Najjar says his restaurant will re-open today after receiving the green light from the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.

Damage to the variety store and cigar shop is pegged at $300,000. Careless disposal of smoking materials is listed as the cause.