High Speed Internet Arrives In Parts Of Rural Lakeshore


High speed internet has arrived in parts of rural Lakeshore.

Mayor Tom Bain says Woodslee has become the town's first rural community to have fibre internet connections.

He says it's a boost for the entire community especially businesses in the area.

Bain says getting high speed internet is extremely important for businesses the rural communities.

"This is going to mean that they're going to be able to stay here in the area, stay in business and other step of being able to possibly expand their businesses."

Bain says the high speed internet will assist families and students.

"This will allow them to do a lot of their home activities with high speed and not having to become frustrating with systems freeze up and simply not being able to do anything."

Bain says the Woodslee area is the town's first rural fibre area.

"They'll become our first what we call 'gigabyte' community and this will as I say allow the residents, small businesses to stay here and expand."            

The western front of Lakeshore which includes Russel Woods, Orchard Park and subdivisions off Old Tecumseh Road are expected to get high speed fibre internet by the end of the year.

The services are being provided by Gosfield North Communications, MNSi and Cogeco.


- With files from Teresinha Medeiros