High Water Levels Frustrate Local Boaters


The high water levels are frustrating local boaters.

Over the weekend, some roads in LaSalle and Kingsville were closed due to overland flooding.

The water is so bad that officials in the Town of LaSalle were forced to close a section of Front Road again on Monday afternoon. 

68-year-old Bill Cott of Tecumseh has been boating since the age of 15 and he admits, he has never seen it this high.

"This is beyond," says Cott.  "It was high last year a little bit but then it went down a bit but this year it's just beyond control, it's crazy."

He says it makes boating difficult.

"Looks like the docks are under water and we have to wait out to be able to put your boat on the trailer," says Cott.  "It's crazy anymore."

Cott is praying the water levels drop.

"I hope it goes down during the summer because at the end of the summer, if it doesn't go down, we're going to get some more."

The docks at Windsor's Lakeview Park Marina are closed this season — the first time it has closed.