Higher Lake Levels Threaten Shoreline Erosion

An expected increase in Great Lake levels this summer has shoreline residents worried.

The US Army Corps of Engineers has predicted a 5th straight year of lake increases.

Werner Kraus is a Belle River resident with a cottage at Erieau on Lake Erie. He says his property has a steel breakwall that's protecting a lot of land that's not his.

"It's also protecting the 2,000 acres that the farmers own across the road, it's protecting the Town of Erieau" explains Kraus. "Unfortunately the homeowners, the cottage owners are the one that have to foot the bill for all this. You're looking at $300 a foot for steel breakwalls"

He says high water problems are not a new thing for shoreline residents, are there are some properties that just don't have adequate protection.

"It's all going to come down to who can afford to do a steel breakwall," believes Kraus. "And if you don't have the financial capacity to help yourself then you're at the mercy of nature."

Kraus says the cottagers have reached out to all three levels of government for assistance to add protection to the shoreline, but the buck keeps getting passed.


- With files from Kathie McMann