Highway 3 Crash Leads To Weapons Charges

Two men arrested during a crash in Tecumseh have now been arraigned in a Windsor courtroom.

The OPP were called to a severe head-on crash on Highway 3 between Sexton Road and Walker Road just after 9 AM yesterday.

Police say a Lexus and a Volkswagen struck head-on and both drivers and their passengers were taken to the hospital.

21-year-old Satvir Singh from Windsor and 27-year-old Tariq Elamin of Toronto are charged together with 12 counts each of weapons related offences.

-transporting a firearm, a 22-caliber rifle
-carrying a prohibited weapon - a sawed off shotgun -  in a careless manner
-possession of a weapon
-possession of 22 calibre rifle without being a license holder
-possession of firearm with readily accessible ammunition
-occupying a vehicle knowing a gun was inside
-possession of firearm - 22 calibre rifle - knowing the serial number has been defaced

Elamin has an extra count of not being authorized to carry a concealed weapon- a 22-calibre rifle

Two of the victims from the 2-vehicle crash are listed in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit of Windsor Regional Hospital.

The two elderly people were both in the same car.

Hospital officials say the two people in the other vehicle are now listed in fair condition.

They are being guarded in their separate rooms by Provincial Police officers.