Hillman Marsh Is Being Repaired

Hillman Marsh in Leamington is getting some badly needed repairs.

Following a storm in June 2015, there was significant erosion to the beach.

As a result, the Department the Fisheries and Oceans will be placing sand from a dredging project at Wheatley Harbour to refurbish the north and south beaches at Hillman Marsh.

Thousands of cubic meters of sand will be trucked over.

Co-ordinator of Flood Erosion Control at the Essex Region Conservation Authority Tim Byrne says it is a complicated process. "It is harvested from the channel at Wheatley, which is at the northend of our region on that coastline, and then temporarily stock piled and put on trucks and placed on the beach at Hillman Marsh."

"The municipality of Leamington was involved in helping to make this happen," says Byrne. "We are working closely with the municipality  to ensure that public works, road and drainage are informed and that the sand is transported in a fashion to not disrupt or damage municipal infrastructure."

The work will take place over a couple of weeks.