Hiram Walker & Sons Hiring Full Time Staff

The help wanted sign is up at Hiram Walker & Sons.

The company is holding a resume drop-off event Saturday, March 2 at its facility on Riverside Drive.

Director of Human Resources Angelo DeMarco says the company currently has seven job openings, but that number is expected to climb to 40 jobs within the next couple of years.

He says there are full time positions available.

"We're just looking for individuals who are looking to work at a great organization to come in drop off their resume, look around see a little bit about our company and our brands and our history," says DeMarco.  "Hopefully we can find some great individuals to join us in the near future."

DeMarco says some jobs include bottling technicians and manufacturing process operators.

"We're looking for people interested in production type work," says DeMarco.  "So a bit of overtime, a bit of shift work involved.  We're really looking for people who have a proven mind set.  They like to work in a team environment and they don't mind working in a plant and getting involved and making things better every single day."

The starting wage is $20.46, but will progress to $31.46.

DeMarco says the last time the company held a job fair a few years ago 3,500 applicants showed up.

The resume drop-off event runs from 9am until 12pm.

The event takes place at the company's Brand Centre which is also known as Building 20.

If you can't make it, you can apply online as well HERE.

— with files from AM800's Teresinha Medeiros