Hobbs Estate Settles WIth Amherstburg

A six figure lawsuit against the Town of Amherstburg is being settled for $25,000 in the town's favour.

The late Graham Hobbs was suing the town for $100,000 after the town banned him from municipal facilities. Hobbs regularly attended council, but was banned in November 2015 after an employee complaint of "unacceptable behaviour" against the 75-year-old Amherstburg grandfather.

Hobbs passed away of cancer on January 2, 2017.

His family continued the lawsuit before settling and paying the town for court costs earlier this year.

"We don't feel great about it, but at the same time we did have a fiduciary duty to try and get the taxpayers' money back and I think we did that," says Aldo DiCarlo, mayor of Amherstburg.

He calls it an unfortunate situation.

"We obviously were confident that we did the right thing and we have an obligation to make sure our employees have a safe working environment," says DiCarlo. "It was an unfortunate incident and it's just not the kind of thing that you want to deal with when you've got all these other issues you have to deal with."

Hobbs' claim was filed in 2015.