Holiday Turkey Giveaway Returns To Leamington and Kingsville

A Ruthven couple is looking to pay it forward this holiday season.

Mike Diab says he and his wife Deanna are planning their second annual turkey giveaway. They're still finalizing details but hope to hand out 200 turkeys to Leamington and Kingsville families in need.

Diab says they're in contact with area businesses to see if they want to support the cause and so far it's been very positive. He says 50 turkeys were handed out last year.

"My wife and I, we've got quite a bit of people calling, wanting to volunteer and donate," says Diab. "What was a small pay it forward turkey campaign is ballooned into over 100 turkeys that we're going to be giving away and we're expecting even more yet."

He says businesses in Kingsville and Leamington want to support the cause.

"We were surprised at first but realized they all want to do something but they don't have the time to put it together and they're using me as a conduit and I'm happy to do it.  I think it's a great campaign."

He says this year's giveaway will be bigger than last year.

"I'm contacting all my potential donors that talked to us last year and they're following through. They want to be part of it and we're really excited about it."

Diab says the official turkey giveaway launch will happen on December 1st. He says the giveaway will take place on December 16th.