Holy Names Launches STEM Program

A group of student at holy Names High School are part of the future with a new program.

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - or STEM - program has 65 Grade 9 students right now.

They're getting to use the equipment in newly renovated lab spaces at the central Windsor school.

Holy Names Principal Pat Hickson says addressing the skills gap is part of the goal giving students the tools to work in the modern environment.


Holy Names Principal Pat Hickson (by AM800's Peter Langille)

He says they partnered with the science department at the University of Windsor and set up the labs based on what was at the U.

Hickson says the program allows students to learn what they're best at.

"Everybody works to their strength in these projects and this mimics what's going to be necessary as they move on into the workforce" explains Hickson, "Because more and more people are not just looking for the hard skills of being able to work a lathe but they're also looking for the soft skills like how to work in groups and how to communicate with each other"

Students Julia Routley and Sydney Dupuis in the STEM program are excited about the opportunity.


Students Julia Routley and Sydney Dupuis (by AM800's Peter Langille)

Dupuis sees great possibilities in the program.

"I thought it might be interesting" says Dupuis "It would open up to see different career paths to see if I would like something in engineering or something like that"

Hickson says the program will be expanded to 2 additional schools next year.

The board invested $1.2-million to renovate the labs and equip them with state of the art tools.