Homes Lost, Roads Washed Out In Weekend Storm

The damage from the weekend storm is proving to be more extreme than originally thought.

The Essex Region Conservation Authority has now issued a NEW Flood Warning due to a shift in the wind to the west.

The warning covers the Municipality of Leamington, all areas west of Point Pelee National Park and the west shoreline of Pelee Island.

ERCA Water Resources Director Tim Byrne says this is the most damage he's seen from a storm in two decades.

Byrne says some roads are washed out completely.

"We're currently out doing damage assessment helping Leamington with some damage assessment.  Cotterie Park Road, portions of the road have been fully lost.  The lake has washed away the road surface at one location; at another location the shoulders of the road have been lost"

Byrne says there hasn't been this amount of damage in 20 years.

"The ones that have been damaged are through the weekend storm event. It's the most significant shoreline storm event/flood erosion event since 1998"

Byrne says more than a dozen homes have been damaged and as many as 8 of them are beyond repair.

Steve Longeway has lived on Pulley Road in Wheatley on Lake Erie for 10 years.

He says he's never seen a storm this bad and neighbours who have lived there longer say the same.