Hospital Stabber Given Probation, Remains in Custody

The person charged in a violent stabbing attack at Windsor Regional Hospital has been sentenced to two years probation.

The person, who can't be identified under the Youth Justice Act, was convicted of aggravated assault after two charges of simple assault were dropped.

Speaking on The Afternoon News, lawyer Michael O'Hearn, says the charge originates from an attack at the Ouellette Campus in August 2017.

"The young person had actually been in psychiatric care for about a year prior to this offence," says O'Hearn. "Since this offence the young person has been in a secure detention facility getting very in-depth psychiatric care in Oakville."

He says a 29-page psychiatric report found his client could be held responsible for the attack.

"[The report] Indicated that although they were suffering from a disease of the mind at the time, there was also something called impulse control problem that really negated the defence of not criminally responsible"

According to O'Hearn, his client is remorseful for what took place adding "but still suffering from this disease of the mind and is a very flat affect, almost expressionless and obviously has a long, long road ahead of them in order to deal with these serious psychiatric illnesses."

On August 19, 2017 a 26-year-old female psychiatric patient was stabbed in the neck ending up in ICU after emergency surgery.

O'Hearn says his client remains in the Southwest Detention Centre despite receiving the order of probation.

He explains that the person is now an adult and faces additional charges from his stay at the Oakville facility.

There is no date set for a bail hearing.