Hot Water Restored At Laurier Hall At The University Of Windsor

The hot water is back on at Laurier Hall at the University of Windsor.

It was shut off at several buildings on campus late last week after the discovery of legionella bacteria.

Work is underway to restore hot water in other buildings.

"What we were concentrating on over the weekend was Laurier Hall which is a residence on campus and after remedial work, the hot water is available," says University of Windsor Spokesperson John Coleman.

For now, there is still cold water only at other buildings such as the Leddy Library, Education Building, Erie Hall, Lambton Tower and Odette School of Business. 

Coleman says the university is developing a strategy to restore hot water as quickly as possible.

The source of the bacteria is still unknown.

He says this week is a wrap up week as exams are winding down and most students will be leaving for the summer.

Students at the residence were able to use the showers nearby but Coleman admits it was a bit of an inconvenience.

The bacteria was discovered during as part of a maintenance program.